Inspector Cadre



IEM’s Housing Inspector Cadre: Ready to Join the IEM Team? 


For more than 34 years, IEM has helped governments recover from the worst disasters in U.S. history, including support for every major post-disaster long-term housing mission in recent history.  This includes support for survivors in Louisiana and Mississippi after Katrina, Texas after Rita/Ike/Dolly/Harvey, the State of New York, New York City and New Jersey after Hurricane Sandy, Florida after Hurricane Irma, and North Carolina after Hurricane Matthew.

Today, IEM maintains the largest cadre of disaster recovery specialists in the Nation. In hard hit areas across America, our housing inspectors and damage assessment teams are working hard to help survivors make a full recovery.  As the industry leader in providing housing support services we are always looking for additional qualified experts who are ready to drive outcomes and deliver fast, compassionate service for our clients.  If you are interested in providing inspection services and are ready to build a safe, secure, resilient world, please provide the information below.