Innovative Solutions to Provide Economic Relief

Innovative Solutions to Provide Economic Relief Innovation drives progress. The solutions needed to overcome the compounding challenges of the pandemic and build a more resilient world can only be created through innovation.

IEM’s team constantly innovates to develop the tools and technology needed to help our clients combat the pandemic and distribute disaster and economic relief to those in need. A proud partner of Appian, IEM leverages Appian technology to produce reliable and efficient applications and software to bolster recovery efforts across the nation.

IEM’s Appian-powered IQ suite blends innovative, low code technology with streamlined processing and efficient case management. Our software applications include: HRIQ™, a large-scale grant management program used for housing and recovery operations workflows; RentAssistIQ™, a tool to manage and process emergency rental assistance funds; and HousingAssistIQ™, a software management tool to process homeowner assistance funds.


IEM uses automation technology to streamline the grant management process and to help quickly and efficiently deliver vital federal funding and COVID-19 relief monies to impacted jurisdictions and communities. IEM’s grant management tool, HRIQ, is designed for use in large scale grant management programs in multi-state or regional areas. Originally developed to help states manage Community Development Block Grants – Disaster Recovery (CBDG-DR), HRIQ has been tailored for use in other housing and recovery grant programs. HRIQ has extensive support for mobile, even offline access, and the grants automation tool is flexible enough to handle program updates within hours or minutes with no interruption in server availability. The native mobility of the COTS Appian platform on which the HRIQ application runs, creates the ability to work anywhere, on any device.

RentAssistIQ & HousingAssistIQ:

Public health is only one casualty of the pandemic. Many households have suffered economically as a result of the lockdowns and rise in unemployment, resulting in individuals at risk of being evicted or losing their homes. IEM sought to help communities overcome the eviction and housing instability crisis and distribute the authorized $25 billion Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) and $10 billion Housing Assistance Fund (HAF) programs’ relief to individuals in need.

Based on our successful program for disaster recovery funding, HRIQ™, IEM developed the innovative software applications, RentAssistIQ™ and HousingAssistIQ™, powered by Appian to ensure relief funds are managed and distributed efficiently. The software easily processes ERA and HAF funds from application, eligibility determination, and duplication-of-benefits review through disbursement, monitoring and reporting, and continued reapplication as needed – the entire lifecycle. Appian automation ensures RentAssistIQ™ and HousingAssistIQ™ increase productivity, decrease errors, and reduce costs.

IEM’s innovative technology ensures that tenants and homeowners facing housing instability get the funding they need to persevere during these uncertain times. Through this technology, team IEM is able to quickly and efficiently process payments that stabilize communities, prevent delinquencies and evictions, and ensure servicers, lenders, and landlords receive payments.  IEM continues to expand its capabilities to provide pandemic and economic relief and respond to both current and future crises. Only through innovation can we build a safe, secure, and resilient world.