IEM’s 2022 Year in Review

The new year is here! IEM would like to reflect on our 2022 accomplishments and what the year meant to us. From January to December, Team IEM remained busy as we worked to fulfill our mission to make our communities safe, secure, and resilient.

IEM’s 2022 Year in Review
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Join us in reflecting on the last year with some 2022 highlights from #TeamIEM!

Conferences and Outreach

Throughout 2022, IEM sponsored, presented at, and attended professional association conferences supporting our clients and our industries. Below are some statistics from IEM’s 2022 conference participation…

  • We had 87 IEMers attend 62 conferences and events in 2022.
  • IEM sponsored 27 events, conferences, or scholarships to support critical conversations taking place around emergency management, homeland security, digital citizen services, and disaster recovery.

Our team appreciated the opportunity to connect with partners and clients and looks forward to continued connections in 2023.

IEM Presents

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IEM values the opportunity to share lessons learned and best practices with clients and colleagues in the field. We are grateful for the opportunities to highlight our team’s impact and support to clients across various disciplines to strengthen communities and build resiliency.

  • In 2022, 32 IEMers completed 47 presentations at conferences, moderated panels, contributed to podcasts or webinars, and addressed college or high school students

  • We look forward to seeing the new ways IEMers engage our communities in the new year.

    Project Highlights

    The last year has shown our continued growth and involvement as IEM supported our clients both nationally and internationally. With federal, non-profit, private sector and tribal partners, we have appreciated the opportunity to support numerous projects in different sectors, including health, homeland security, defense, emergency management, disaster recovery, and more. Over the last year:

  • Team IEM supported 168 projects in 43 different states, territories, counties, other jurisdictions, or the private sector.

IEM worked hard to continuously provide high-quality support to our clients this year and looks forward to continuing to deliver innovative strategies and results to our customers in 2023.

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New Hires and Anniversaries

We would not be where we are today without our IEMers! The IEM Team is the heart and soul of what we do as a company and our mission to build a safe, secure, and resilient world. IEM employees are among the most dedicated and passionate individuals in the industry. IEM grew tremendously last year, to include:

  • 777 new hires joined the IEM team
  • 38 IEMers celebrated their 5-year anniversary with IEM
  • 2 IEMers celebrated their 15-year anniversary with IEM
  • 1 IEMer celebrated their 20-year anniversary with IEM

As IEM continues to grow, we cherish and learn from the people we work with day-by-day to fulfill our mission.

Awards and Recognition

Throughout last year, IEM and IEMers alike received various awards and recognition.

  • For the 8th consecutive year, IEM was on the Baton Rouge Best Places to Work list, this year being recognized as 2nd in the Large Employer category and 5th overall. The list was created by a collaboration of the Best Companies Group, the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report, and the Greater Baton Rouge SHRM, an affiliate of the Society for Human Resource Management.
  • For the 3rd year in a row, IEM was on the Best Companies Group North Carolina Great Employers to Work for list, this year being recognized as 6th in the Large Business category. Over the years, IEM has continued to go up in rankings, first recognized as No. 19 in 2020, followed by No. 15 in 2021, before jumping to No. 6 this year.

IEMers were also recognized:

  • Throughout the year, 10 IEMers received certifications. Of these, 7 received CEM (Certified Emergency Manager) certifications and 2 received AEM (Associate Emergency Manager) certifications from the International Association of Emergency Managers. Additionally, 1 IEMer received CFM (Certified Facility Manager) certification from the International Facility Management Association.
  • In May, Dennis Lambert, Cost/Benefit Analyst for our State and Local Response and Recovery Programs, was selected as one of the members of the Award Selection Committee Panelist for the Hans Albert Einstein Award. Additionally, in June, Dennis was appointed by Governor Edwards to the Louisiana Water Resources Commission.
  • Also in June, Pam Patenaude, Senior Executive Advisor, was an honoree at the Housing Visionary Awards Gala hosted by the National Housing Conference.
  • In September, Madhu Beriwal, Founder, President and CEO, was appointed to the President’s National Infrastructure Advisory Council.
  • The following month in October, IEM VP of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Bryan Koon, received the Distinguished Service Award from the National Institute of Building Sciences.
  • In November, Tatum Casey, Junior Planner, and her co-presenter received the International Association of Emergency Management’s Silver Certificate for their poster research titled “Effective Meeting the Needs of Vulnerable Populations: Best Practices Regarding Maternal and Infant Health Throughout the Four Phases of the Disaster Cycle.”
  • Also in November, Dr. Rashid Chotani received a Medal of Excellence from the President of Pakistan for his disaster and humanitarian work.

IEM and IEMers alike stood out in their accomplishments, and we will continue to strive to excel in 2023.

Looking Ahead

As we head into the new year, IEM remains committed to helping our partners, clients, and communities

Thank you for all that you do and for your support throughout the year.

IEM hopes everyone enjoyed a joyous holiday season and wishes you a happy, healthy, and wonderful 2023!