IEM Earns the Appian 2021 Innovation Award

IEM Digital Services is recognized for its innovative grant management and automation software.

MORRISVILLE, N.C., November 19, 2021 – IEM, a global woman- and minority-owned emergency management and disaster recovery firm, was presented the Appian Partner Impact & Excellence 2021 Innovation Award for the creation and delivery of innovative Appian-based solutions to meet emerging market demands.

“IEM is committed to innovating for our clients and partners to provide solutions to overcome the toughest challenges,” said Ted Lemcke, IEM’s Chief Technology Officer. “We continue to leverage technology and develop tools on the Appian platforms to create to bolster recovery efforts and address the public sector’s most pressing needs.”

A proud Appian partner, IEM utilizes Appian technology to produce reliable and efficient applications and advance its grant management and automation software. IEM’s Appian-powered IQ suite blends innovative, low code technology with streamlined processing and efficient case management. Our software applications include: HRIQ, a large-scale grant management program used for housing and recovery operations workflows; RentAssistIQ™, a tool to manage and process emergency rental assistance funds; and HousingAssistIQ™, a software management tool to process homeowner assistance funds.

“We are proud to be recognized for our grant management applications backed by Appian technology that provide our clients with adaptable and innovative software,” said Karen Legrand, IEM Innovative Applications Manager. “Our team is constantly advancing our technological capabilities and improving upon existing applications to address current challenges and aid response efforts.”

IEM continues to expand its technological capabilities to aid response efforts and innovate to build a safe, secure, and resilient world.