IEM Celebrates 37 Years of Innovation

37th anniversaryOn this date in 1985, IEM President & CEO, Madhu Beriwal founded the company with the idea to create one of the first consulting firms to focus exclusively on emergency management. Since then, IEM has expanded into homeland security, national security, public health, transportation, cybersecurity, and artificial intelligence and is now recognized as the largest woman, minority-owned emergency management firm in the world.

For nearly four decades IEM has successfully developed innovative strategies to deliver services that help our clients address today’s crisis and prepare for a resilient tomorrow. Whether providing solutions for disasters, hazardous materials, homeland and national security, public health, emergency management, infrastructure or economic recovery, our team is committed to overcoming challenges to make a difference in the lives of others.

As we head into our 38th year, we reflect on the ambition and dedication that continues to power our success. We also look to the future, as we grow and evolve our capabilities and propel into new fields to build a safe, secure, and resilient world and all that encompasses.

The past decades have shown that no challenge is too big for us to overcome. This is especially true regarding the response to the coronavirus pandemic. Team IEM has shown grit and determination to adapt to the pandemic and lead response efforts across the nation by providing lifesaving care through COVID-19 testing, vaccinations, monoclonal antibody treatments and public health management capabilities. Through the trials and tribulations of the pandemic, our team worked to expand our modeling and digital services tools, staff state and local emergency operations centers, continue to provide support to administering disaster recovery dollars, and help equitably distribute economic relief in communities across our nation.

Through the years, IEM continues to grow and foster its team of nationally recognized subject matter experts. Under their leadership, IEM has made tremendous strides this year alone in battling the coronavirus pandemic to help strengthen and protect communities against this deadly virus. As the pandemic and its compounding challenges continue to unfold, Team IEM will remain resolute in its mission to aid response and build resilience.

IEM is honored to celebrate 37 years of innovation. We are thankful for our clients, partners, colleagues, and friends who have been integral to our success since day one.

Thank you for being a part of IEM’s journey!