Public Outreach Support for Zika

IEM has a strong capability for public outreach and can help your organization inform and educate your target community on Zika public health efforts. We use innovative tools are that are backed by a team of communication professionals that have worked with customers from all levels of governments and are key to the success of our our outreach projects. We offer services that allow our customers to dictate how involved IEM is in designing, managing, supporting, and conducting public outreach initiatives.

IEM fully understands the strain that disasters put on resources. With our in-depth understanding of response needs, the current Zika situation, and methods for protection and prevention, we are prepared to assist in effectively communicating actionable information to your desired audience. We are happy to conduct public outreach initiatives on your behalf in a manner that helps, not hinders, your work.

Public Affairs Planning

IEM is involved in every step of the public affairs planning process. We can develop a continuous communications cycle that demonstrates purposeful planning and careful execution to meet our clients’ needs. IEM can help your organization define and optimize Zika communication plans and public interactions.

Public Outreach Support and Training

The IEM Team has a proven and efficient outreach model that is leveraged by diverse government organizations, and various state and local stakeholders across the nation. We tailor our outreach support and training to meet the different information needs of each of our clients. No matter the goals of the project, IEM is equipped to adapt our tools and resources and apply them to the current Zika situation so that we best prepare our clients for their public outreach initiatives, to include:

  • Providing public outreach training courses
  • Supporting situational awareness briefings
  • Guiding and coordinating media relations
  • Developing videos and multimedia products
  • Assisting in social media messaging
  • Designing informational and educational materials

Additional Resources

IEM Zika Perspective

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Dr. Rashid Chotani answers the question "Why is Zika spreading so rapidly, and why now?" in blog post in the Zika series, "Is Zika Here to Stay?" Read now.

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IEM is providing this website for informational purposes only.  Information regarding Zika is evolving rapidly.  Accordingly, you should not use this website as a substitute for professional advice provided by a qualified healthcare provider. IEM encourages you to consult with a physician if you have specific questions about the Zika virus or its potential effect on you.