IEM's Medical and Public Health Expertise

Ensuring an effective response to a public health emergency, whether it is a natural disaster, a terrorist attack, or an emerging infectious disease like Zika, presents health and medical officials with a host of challenges. IEM’s multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals, medical researchers, and modelers has worked on response projects with state and local governments as well as several offices within the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Department of Defense (DoD).

IEM recognizes that government officials must understand the consequences and evolution of infectious disease transmission to make the best decisions about how to protect the public. IEM has the experience and expertise to support these efforts, and our key medical and public health capabilities are further described below.

IEM Capabilities

Depth of Scientific and Medical Expertise

IEM has a wealth of expertise in the medical and public health field, including having a team of medical professionals, epidemiologists, biologists, and public health experts. Understanding the basic science behind Zika virus infection, the immune response, and how transmission occurs is critical to developing effective and efficient solutions to the problems facing federal, state, and local governments. Not only do IEM experts understand the current literature and public health policies, we are also able to translate complex research and data into understandable and actionable information.

Modeling and Simulation

IEM’s modeling and simulation (M&S) tools help health officials understand the complex dynamics of infectious disease spread, medical consequences, and impacts on the healthcare system, including demands on public health infrastructure and medical supplies. To learn more about our M&S capabilities and how we can customize models to meet specific needs, visit our Modeling and Simulation page.

Healthcare Policy Analysis

We combine the results of epidemiological modeling and medical consequence modeling with cost estimates for pursuing different healthcare emergency preparedness options, including allocation of scarce resources. In addition, we help our customers scientifically and defensibly identify healthcare emergency preparedness strategies and policies that reduce risk to the public. For example, we can help state and local public health organizations determine the most cost-effective, yet beneficial, strategies for Zika preparedness, whether it be increased spraying to control mosquito populations, outreach to educate the community on protective measures, and/or increased screening for pregnant women or their partners.

Additional Resources

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IEM is providing this website for informational purposes only.  Information regarding Zika is evolving rapidly.  Accordingly, you should not use this website as a substitute for professional advice provided by a qualified healthcare provider. IEM encourages you to consult with a physician if you have specific questions about the Zika virus or its potential effect on you.