Houston-Galveston Area Council Buy (HGACBuy) Program

What is HGAC Buy?

The Houston-Galveston Area Council Buy (HGACBuy) program connects local government agencies with the supplies they need. The program provides the research, resources, and customer service needed to make procuring goods and services more easy and efficient.

Who can use it?

HGACBuy is available to local government entities nationwide, including:

  •  Municipalities, cities, counties, and state agencies
  •  Hospitals and hospital districts
  •  Emergency medical services and services districts
  •  Utility districts (MUDs, WCIDs, Irrigation, etc.)
  •  Authorities (Airport, Port, River, Water, etc.)
  •  Not-for-profit corporations that provide government functions and services

To view the list of end users by State visit:

How do I get started?

It’s easy to join and use HGACBuy.

  • Complete an interlocal contract to join the program. This contract will detail the terms, conditions, and processes used to make and process orders.
  • Find details for specific services you would like to procure. The HGACBuy website lists official contractors and the specific products they offer through the program.
  • When you find what you need, contact a contractor representative to get more information and an official price quotation.
  • Once you are satisfied with your order, submit a purchase order directly to the contractor and send a copy to HGACBuy.
  • HGACBuy will send an order confirmation to both you and the contractor to verify and administer the contract.
  • Payment will be sent directly to the contractor, and the goods or services will be transferred directly to you. Ownership is not at any time assigned to HGACBuy.

Contract Number:


Contract Period:

Performance period runs from August 1, 2017, to July 31, 2020

Scope of Services:

  • Full-range emergency management and homeland security planning
  • Training services to include design and delivery of on-site or remote training solutions
  • Discussion-based or operations-based exercise services following HSEEP guidelines
  • Hazard Mitigation assistance from planning to HMGP program implementation
  • Prevention and Protection services
  • Response services to help enhance capacity
  • Recovery services including disaster housing planning, PDNAs, and PA and IA support

Need more information?

To learn more about accessing IEM via HGACBuy process, or other products that can be procured, please visit their website at


Contact the IEM Contracting department