IEM Eagle II TeamIEM is proud to serve as an EAGLE II contractor for Functional Category 1 (Unrestricted) – Service Delivery.  In this domain, IEM provides world-class professional support for a full range of services and solutions related to developing, implementing, and maintaining technology to support the DHS mission and business functions across the entire lifecycle of a program.

Service Delivery (FC1) Capabilities

IEM’s offerings for FC1 span the full range of System Design, Development, Implementation and Integration, Software Design and Development, and Operations and Maintenance services. For more information about IEM’s capabilities and our expertise in delivering cost-effective IT solutions that work, please visit this page.


IEM’s EAGLE II contract was awarded in May 2014. The selection was based in part on our strong record of Service Delivery (i.e., Functional Category 1) support to DHS and other customers.

Over the past three years, IEM’s support for FC1 has been focused on three primary projects within DHS/FEMA, for the Preparedness Directorate, Technological Hazards Division, Chemical Stockpile Emergency Preparedness Program (CSEPP). IEM has developed and currently maintains a number of IT-based solutions, including the following:

  • CSEPPWebCA, an innovative web-based grants management tool that manages the full lifecycle of the CSEPP Cooperative Agreement process, including the CA grant application and submission process, approval of funds via FEMA HQ, processing of grant awards by the FEMA regional offices, quarterly reporting of financial status and performance by the states, and grant closeout.
  • CSEPP Emergency Operations Planning Template (EOPT), a SharePoint–based tool that assists planners in developing all-hazards emergency operations plans and CSEPP hazard-specific appendices in full compliance with CSEPP Planning Guidance, NIMS, and FEMA’s CPG-101 in a web-based collaborative work environment.
  • CSEPP Portal, a secure website with 1000+ active users to facilitate communication and information-sharing among CSEPP planners nationwide. The site includes a dynamic document management system for uploading programmatic documents, policies, guidance, regulations, statutes, contact information for program personnel, current news, and more.

In addition, under related contracts with the US Army (which jointly manages CSEPP with FEMA), IEM has developed and maintains WebPuff, a comprehensive emergency management automated information system which is in daily use for planning and response at all CSEPP sites.

Because IEM’s support to DHS extends beyond IT-based services to include extensive planning and technical assistance, we have a strong understanding of the kinds of processes and end users that DHS IT components are meant to support, and we incorporate that knowledge into every IT Service Delivery project.

Eagle II Task Orders

IEM is a recent EAGLE II selectee and the FC1 task orders for this contract are just beginning to be issued. A synopsis of EAGLE II Task Orders will be published here upon award to IEM.

Customer Information

For information regarding specific customer references for IEM performance in the Service Delivery domain, please send any inquiries to the IEM EAGLE Team. To allow us to provide more targeted assistance, please include a brief description of the kinds of projects/support that you are interested in.

Quality Assurance

IEM’s corporate commitment to providing our clients with high-quality products is a cornerstone of our support under EAGLE II. Our process, which incorporates best practices from the Project Management Institute, starts with Quality Planning. For each project, the IEM PMO will establish a project plan comprised of subsidiary planning documents such as a cost management plan, a schedule with major milestones, and a resource plan. In addition, the IEM PMO has established key performance measures that are monitored on all software projects with additional milestones or performance measures added at the request of the DHS PM, CO, or COTR. By defining project objectives and expected outcomes during planning and including discussion of them in multiple in process reviews (IPRs) throughout the project life cycle, we ensure that the Government has sufficient insight into deliverables and services while minimizing the oversight burden.

The IEM PMO charges each IEM EAGLE Task Leader with Quality Assurance (QA). However, the IEM Program Manager is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the DHS PM is satisfied with the services and products provided. The ultimate purpose of the QA program is to ensure a consistent level of quality of all products and leverage knowledge gained from past projects to improve the quality of future products. Therefore, IEM’s program defines a mechanism for identifying non-compliance issues in an objective and independent manner, and for devising and executing appropriate actions to ensure these non-compliance issues do not reoccur in future projects.

One key component of the project plan is the Quality Control (QC) Plan. IEM’s process-based approach to QC informs all of our work. The QC Plan ensures that only fully compliant services and deliverables meeting project requirements are provided. Performance objectives are regularly monitored, and the QC Plan is evaluated and revised as required. The IEM EAGLE Team’s performance is evaluated by assessing the key deliverables and services. The rating elements and acceptable standards of performance for the key deliverables are Quality of Performance, Timeliness, Cost, and Internal QC. Process non-compliance issues are tracked in an issue-tracking system and reviewed regularly by the IEM PMO, where decisions and action plans for addressing these issues are made.

IEM IDIQ Contracts

In addition to EAGLE II, IEM has a wide range of flexible IDIQ contract vehicles that can be leveraged for different types of support.  A list of these can be found here. Please direct any inquiries regarding potential use of a specific IEM IDIQ contract vehicle related to DHS EAGLE support to the IEM EAGLE Team.

Teaming Information

In our quest to provide best-value, comprehensive solutions to our DHS customers, IEM welcomes teaming inquiries from current EAGLE II contract holders and other firms with special expertise to support DHS missions in the Service Delivery area. Please direct any inquiries to Christopher Kisling, IEM’s EAGLE II Teaming Coordinator, at 225.952.8236 or via email at IEM EAGLE Team.

IEM EAGLE II Subcontractors

The IEM EAGLE II Team includes the following valued subcontractors:

Core Team Members

  • Applied Research Associates, Inc. (ARA), an international research and engineering company and a premier software applications provider with a CMMI Level III assessment.
  • Digital Intelligence Systems Corporation (DISYS), a professional firm specializing in IT strategic sourcing and consulting services, including application development, database management and administration, and help desk and network infrastructure support.
  • RTI International, an independent, nonprofit research institute based in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina. Core capabilities in homeland security include the analysis of decision process for private-sector cyber security technologies, intelligence analysis, data mining, and interactive simulations.

Small Business Partners

  • RLM Communications, Inc., an SBA 8(a)-certified small business specializing in information assurance, information technology, cyber security, information technology infrastructure library (ITIL) and service level management (SLM) implementation, systems integration, audio visual support, program management, and staff support services.
  • CR Dynamics and Associates, a minority-owned small business providing help desk support, market research, seminar registration, new product launches, the placement of product orders and other direct marketing services.
  • Innovative Technology Application, Inc. (ITA), a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business specializing in the design, development, and production of advanced, interactive software applications for computer-based, web-based, and application-based (tablet and smart phone) use.




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