Work Environment and Company Culture

A unique combination of elements makes working at IEM a great experience. IEM balances challenging projects and a high level of responsibility with a healthy respect for family and personal commitments. Our goal is to deliver the highest quality services and products as efficiently as possible in a stimulating and supportive work environment.

IEMers are hard-working professionals who take great pride in their jobs. This zest for innovation keeps us two steps ahead of our clients’ needs and the competition. We know the meaning of hard work and commitment, and afterwards, we all share the credit of a job well-done. If you are an innovative professional who thrives in a fast-paced environment, surrounded by equally determined teammates, IEM may be just the place for you.


Much of the work at IEM is accomplished by interdisciplinary teams working on specific projects. A project team might include a project manager, a task lead, a researcher, a programmer, a meteorologist, a testing specialist, a statistician, an editor, and a graphic designer. This blending of disciplines allows each team member to contribute according to his or her specialty while learning from colleagues.

Regular Performance Evaluations

IEM holds regularly scheduled performance evaluations. The first takes place 90 days after an employee’s start date to give the employee a feel for how things are going early enough to make any necessary adjustments. If this evaluation goes well, the employee is awarded regular full-time status. The next evaluation takes place one year after the employee’s start date and annually after that. Possible salary adjustments are considered at every annual performance evaluation.

Internal Advancement

IEM encourages internal advancement for employees. Seniority is not necessarily a factor in promotions—the ability to perform the required duties well is the main consideration.

Flex Time

IEM’s variable work schedule policy gives employees and their manager’s flexibility in scheduling work hours to meet business needs. Certain positions may have less flexible hours.

Check out our employee testimonials to get a feel for the IEM family in their own words.

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