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Employee Testimonials

About Our Work Environment

I remember standing with other IEM employees watching the events of September 11, 2001, unfold on television. I was filled with many thoughts and emotions. Amid my anger and frustration, there was comfort in knowing that IEM had important work to do in protecting public safety against terrorist threats. We are now working in several areas that are new since that day. This is scientifically exciting, but it also gives me a feeling of mission and a resolute pride that my work helps us to resist those who would harm our people and our nation. —Steve, Atmospheric Physicist/Dispersion Modeler

At IEM, you can use your theoretical knowledge and apply it to interesting and challenging scientific problems, engage in stimulating scientific debate in the best tradition of research on a daily basis, and solve real-world problems in a spirit of friendly cooperation. IEM is the perfect place for an intelligent science or engineering graduate who wants to work in the corporate world but thrives in a campus-like atmosphere. —Neeraj, Computational Physicist

There are a lot of smart people here, with knowledge in a lot of fields I don’t have a background in. I’m being exposed to a lot of things I didn’t know about when I came here, and I learn something new almost every day. —Gary, Nuclear Engineer

The work at IEM can be fascinating. The problems are complex and call for a high degree of teamwork. It’s really been a pleasure to be able to tangle with these difficult problems as part of an accomplished team. —Mike, CBRNE Modeler

The great thing about IEM is the cutting edge technologies that developers get to work with! Since coming to IEM, I’ve been able to work with more fun and exciting technologies than in all of my previous jobs combined. —Brad, Software Engineer

IEM is more than just a job. The interaction between us is tremendous. The respect between us is amazing—young and old, techies, geeks, and laymen; all of us just enjoy what we’re doing and do it well, because we want to. The dress code is outstanding. At no other place can you just relax and do your job. We love this place! —Craig, NBC Defense Expert

About Our Company Culture

IEM is a very family-friendly place. The flexible work hours are real, not just a gimmick. In many places, they claim to have flex time, but the informal rules are that you have to be at work from 9–5. At IEM , your schedule really is flexible. That can make a big difference if something comes up at home that you need to deal with. —Mike, CBRNE Modeler

Instead of worrying about picking up my business clothes from the dry cleaners, the laid back atmosphere at IEM allows me to concentrate on the more important tasks in my day. —Amber, Design Specialist

One thing I like about IEM is the pleasant work environment. There is an air of mutual respect for the skills and the knowledge of fellow employees, as well as a genuine open-mindedness for differing opinions that I find refreshing. —Barbara, Cognitive Psychologist

IEM has a curious atmosphere of highly intense laid-backness (or laid-back high intensity). It’s kind of an extension of graduate school: smart and fun people; intellectually stimulating work; challenging deadlines; flexible hours; T-shirts and Birkenstocks; swell parties. Oh yeah, and they pay you for it. —Chris, Business Development SME

About The People

I read the employee testimonials prior to applying to IEM. I am now a proud employee and happy to say that they are all true! I have never before seen such a collection of friendly geniuses and caring coworkers. IEM employees provide the perfect example of professionalism with a positive attitude. —Raymond, Homeland Security Specialist

The real standout at IEM is the people. It is great to work with such a diverse group of folks who can get the work done while keeping a smile on their faces, and not letting turf, selfish interests, or misplaced professional priorities get in the way. And it’s a group that can get along socially outside of work, leaving the job at the threshold of the office door on the way out. —Ted, Environmental Scientist

I worked for IEM for five years, then had to move out of state. I came back two years later, because I hadn’t found any challenges as interesting or as mind-stretching as those at IEM. I missed the interaction between people of different disciplines and the level of respect the divisions held for each other. Not only do we work at IEM, we learn. You won’t find that just anywhere. My favorite thing about IEM is that 95% of my best friends work here. The IEM phone list is the only one I need. I scribble my three other friends’ numbers on that one. —Staci, Marketing SME

I like the fact that IEM employees can come from many different parts of the world. The international diversity offers lots of informal opportunities to learn about other places and cultures. —Ben, Researcher

The people at IEM are very intelligent. They have a wide variety of interests and backgrounds and enjoy using their minds. The intellectual atmosphere is similar to a university or a government lab. —Steve, Atmospheric Physicist/Dispersion Modeler

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