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GrantWise is IEM’s innovative grant management software for state, local, tribal and territorial emergency management and homeland security professionals. GrantWise supports the efficient and effective business process and workflow management of grant processing and administration at each step – from initialization to closeout.  

In grant management, interactions between people, process, data, and content can be dynamic, ad hoc, and unpredictable. It’s important to unify these interactions for better, faster, and smarter decisions. Built on the Appian platform, GrantWise enables your Agency to consolidate grant information onto one easy to use platform. 

IEM’s GrantWise enables users to manage the grant process from both the strategic and individual grant level, including approvals, document management, and reporting. Sub-recipients have direct access to the platform, allowing for all data to be entered and tracked within one system. Grantees are easily able to administer their projects and submit requests for reimbursements that are automatically routed to the appropriate staff member for review and then onto the appropriate department for fund disbursement. 

In GrantWise, you can

  • Easily navigate between grants, projects, and budgets;
  • Review grant requests;
  • Submit and review subgrant agreements;
  • Send and receive tasks with the ability to accept a task or reassign to another user;
  • Upload documentation that is saved and viewable within the record; and
  • Access system user guides and release notes, as well as submit helpdesk support tickets.

IEM’s Grant Automation Foundation

IEM started working with automation of grants in 1999, developing and maintaining a client- server system that supported FEMA Cooperative Agreement (CA) grants called CATools. IEM subsequently evolved this capability to a fully automated, web-based application called WebCA. Grantees for the CA programs included ten states, a tribe, 40 counties, and several municipalities. In 2016, IEM moved to a cloud-based Business Process Management (BPM) platform to develop grant management applications.  After an extensive evaluation, IEM selected Appian as our platform of choice, a triple crown winner for Automation, Low Code, and Case Management.

Since moving to an Appian platform, IEM grant systems have tracked hundreds of millions in awarded grants, registered more than 17,000 applicants, and processed or managed the workflow for over 8,000 disaster recovery grant applicants.

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