IEM Mission and Philosophy

At IEM, our mission is to build a safe, secure, and resilient world. We accomplish this mission by working closely with government agencies and private sector organizations around the world to improve protection and security for lives and infrastructure. We integrate science, technology, and real-world experience to provide each of our customers with solutions that work and outcomes that matter.

Delving Below the Surface

IEM is proud to be a leader in developing effective solutions for our customers’ complex challenges. Truly solving difficult problems is a focus that unites everyone at IEM. Whether we are finding ways to improve emergency response, increasing our nation’s understanding of IED threats, or strengthening an agency’s  IT systems to better serve citizens, we are passionate about delving below the surface characteristics of an issue to truly solve problems.

Crafting Effective, Multi-Dimensional Solutions

IEM was founded more than three decades ago on the belief that objective, scientific data is critical both to developing the solution and to measuring how well that solution works. We also understand that issues should be evaluated from more than just a technical standpoint—that it is also important to assess and address the sociological, cultural, and economic factors involved.

Underlying every IEM technology and service is our pioneering, risk-based approach that gives decision makers the ability to measure risk and how it can be reduced by improvements in protection, critical mission, and business systems. This methodology helps our customers identify and implement solutions that have the most impact on desired outcomes.

I Think ∴ IEM®

We utilize interdisciplinary teams of subject matter experts, scientists, engineers, IT experts, and other professionals who are not satisfied with surface solutions. Our slogan "I Think, Therefore IEM" is more than our tagline; it is our commitment to attract people who have superb technical skills, creative minds, and innovative ideas—and like to apply them for the greater good.

IEM will continue to delve below the surface to understand the true issues of a problem and to create lasting solutions. That is our commitment to you and to the people, agencies, and communities you serve.