IEM India

Who We Are

IEM India is an Indian-chartered company headquartered in Gurgaon with majority share owned by Indian promoters. The company was founded specifically to help an emerging global power meet its security needs smartly through application of international standards and best practices, science-based solutions, and state-of-the-art technology. We are committed to ensuring a safe and secure life for Indian citizens through services in Disaster Management, Security, Technology, Safe Cities, and Defense.

What IEM India Can Provide

Disaster Management

We provide comprehensive disaster management solutions ranging from prevention to mitigation and preparedness through response, rehabilitation, and reconstruction for both natural and human-caused disasters. An important component of each phase is capacity development within both public and private sectors to ensure resilience and effective disaster response. Our science-based solutions are rooted in global best practices, first-hand field experience, and objective data gleaned from in-depth research on both recent and past disasters.

Critical Infrastructure Security

Our security services go beyond creating a perception of security for critical infrastructure, such as cities, airports, subways, railroads, and industrial facilities. We apply performance-based methods to develop solutions that help prevent potential events, mitigate the consequences of actual events, and ensure effective responses to those events. Our turn-key solutions, which integrate strategies, plans, equipment, and technology, can be tested to demonstrate actual levels of security through no-notice or planned exercises and modeling and simulation.

Technology System Frameworks

Without clear frameworks and strategies, complex technology systems costing millions of dollars often fail or are never used. Integrating technology and subject matter expertise, IEM India builds powerful frameworks to guide development of secure, complex technology solutions to support counterterrorism intelligence gathering, data analytics, and disaster management and response.

Safe Cities

Modern initiatives seek to create “smart cities” through efficient municipal management and “sustainable cities” through effective environmental management. We help build “safe cities,” a fundamental requirement of both smart and sustainable cities. Our broad-based approach incorporates urban design, modeling and simulation, technology solutions development, and strong public and private partnerships to help build and grow safe cities for India.


IEM India’s defense solutions are focused on improving defense against chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield explosive (CBRN) attacks. Our solutions include training and exercising soldiers to resist insurgencies and civil unrest, providing technology to efficiently process and analyze the massive amounts of data being generated by UAVs, modeling and simulation, and serious gaming.

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Gary Scronce
Director of Preparedness Programs